January 17, 2024 @ 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm
Hornby Club
17 Carmen Road
Christchurch 8042
Len Glass
Meetings: 5.45pm for 6pm, until 7.45 pm, Wednesdays, Wigram Hotel, 14 Henry Wigram Drive, Wigram. At Hornby Rotary we meet on Wednesday evenings 48 weeks of the year to share a drink, a meal, some jokes and listen to speakers on an extensive range of topics. We raise funds to help the community. Projects include building houses, running a charity golf tournament, cutting firewood, organising the car parking for the City to Surf, and helping community appeals for funding.

How do I join? Just come along and make yourself known to club members. It will cost you $25 for a meal. You can see for yourself how the club operates and talk to members about joining the club if what we do appeals to you. Investing some of your time with the Hornby Rotary Club will give a payback way beyond your expectations.

You can also visit www.hornbyrotary.org.nz for more information.